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Bus Safety Concern
Bus Safety Concern image IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ

Please let this message serve as an informational item and notice of concern.
Notice to Students and Parents Regarding the Use of
Video and Audio Equipment
Video and audio recording equipment may be installed on school buses to monitor school transportation. Buses will be videotaped with audio and recorded at random during the school year. Buses may be equipped with video monitor boxes, in which video-recording devices with audio may be installed. Students will not be notified when a recording device has been installed on their bus. The Transportation Supervisor, a principal or a representative of Plum Borough School District may review tapes on a routine basis, and evidence of student misconduct will be documented. Students found to be in violation of bus conduct rules shall be notified and disciplinary action will be initiated under the guidelines contained in the District’s discipline procedures for District approved student transportation.
Additionally, please be advised that the District has numerous videotaping cameras located throughout our premises for safety and security purposes and representatives of Plum Borough School District may review tapes on a routine basis. Parents, students and their representatives are not permitted to review recordings and all records are the property of the District.
Pupil transportation is a vital component of our public school system. The task of safely transporting children, to and from school, at consistent route times can be quite a daunting and challenging task. Due to the large geographical area of Plum Borough (28 square miles), scheduling and routing are critical to the success of the Transportation Department.

The Plum Borough School District operates, on average, 52 school bus runs and 11 mid-day runs, per school day. Additionally, we run extracurricular, sporting and special bus runs as required. The Plum Borough School District employs 55 regular bus drivers, 8 bus aides and 3 mechanics, along with a list of substitute drivers and aides. Currently, there are 62 vehicles in the school bus fleet along with 7 other owned vehicles.

The Transportation Department provides its main services to 6 schools within the district, however it has auxillary services to 42 schools outside of the district. The buses will travel 716,000 miles (est.) this year, or nearly 4000 miles (est.) each day. The safety of the students during each and every mile is the Transportation Department’s utmost concern. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Mr. Scott Mergen
Transportation Director
Mr. Timothy Olszewski
Transportation Dispatcher / Router

Ms. Ardis Pivik
Administrative Assistant