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Gifted Support

Plum Borough School District complies with the standards and regulations set in Chapter 16 of the PA School Code for identified gifted students by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Gifted Support Services are provided to mentally gifted students that are consistent with their individual needs, outstanding abilities, and potential for performing at high levels of achievement.

Defining Giftedness in Pennsylvania

Mentally gifted is defined as “outstanding intellectual and creative ability, the development of which requires specially designed programs and/or support services. The term mentally gifted includes a person who has an IQ of 130 or higher or other factors listed below that indicate Gifted ability. If the IQ score is lower than 130, a child may be admitted to gifted if other conditions “strongly” indicate gifted ability.

The other factors to be considered include:

· Achievement test scores that are a year or more above grade level

· Observed or measured acquisition/retention

· Achievement, performance, or expertise in one or more academic area that demonstrates a high level of accomplishment

· Higher level thinking skills

Lynne Braun, braunl@pbsd.k12.pa.us, 412-795-4880 ext. 8174

Kelly Lott, lottk@pbsd.k12.pa.us, 412-795-4880 ext. 8172
Kristy Smethwick, ksmethwick@pbsd.k12.pa.us, 412-795-4880 ext. 8137
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