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Central Administration
Email, Website, Office Phone
Hyland, Brendan
Office: 412-798-6359
Walsh, Rick
Assistant Superintendent K-8
Office: 412-798-6370
Yamnitzky, Gail
Assistant Superintendent
Office: 412-798-6360
Alpino, Bob
Athletic Director
Office: 412-798-6318
Burkey, Chris
Director of Educational Technology
Office: 412-798-6329
Gibson, Kelly
School Psychologist
Office: 412-798-6364
Griggle, Jessica
Director of Food Services
Office: 412-798-6367
Iera, Dana
School Psychologist
Office: 412-798-6358
McClelland, Jim
Director of Facilities
Office: 412-798-6312
Mergen, Scott
Transportation Director
Office: 412-798-6388
Wolfe, Jeff
Coordinator of Student Services
Office: 412-798-6310
Zahorchak, John
Director of Business Affairs / Board Secretary
Office: 412-798-6356
Confidential Secretaries
Lori Demetrio
Human Resources
Office: 412-798-6350
Sylvia Williams
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Right to Know Officer
Administrative Assistants
Jen Macro
Access Program Coordinator and Administrative Assistant
Office: 412-798-6376
Sharon Sharlock
Accounts Payable/Receivable Administrative Assistant
Mary Kay Watson
Office: 412-798-6304
Tina Lowman
Benefits and Students Activities
Office: 412-798-6357
Donna Jablonowski
Office: 412-798-6365
Jan Price
Food Services
Office: 412-798-6349
Shari Klein
Office: 412-798-6304
Becky Dollman
Office: 412-798-6355
Jocelyn Scalzott-Lammey
Special Education
Office: 412-798-6352
Ardis Pivik
Office: 412-798-6369