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Plum Graduates:
Transcripts are available for all students who have graduated from Plum Borough School District. A signed release needs to be sent to Mrs. Shari Klein, School Counseling Administrative Assistant via mail or fax, which includes your name (maiden if now married), date of birth, graduation year, address of where the transcript should be sent, a signature, and a phone number where you can be reached if necessary.  Transcripts will be sent immediately upon request.  Shari Klein, Plum High School Guidance Office, 900 Elicker Road, Plum, PA, 15239, Phone 412.798.6304, Fax 412.795.3527.
Current Students:
Transcripts are requested through their Naviance account. 

Print form and submit it to Mrs. Shari Klein in the Counseling office.
How to Video on Requesting Transcripts through Naviance