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Plum Borough Foundation for Educational Enhancement

Foundation 5K - - Saturday, June 3, 2017 @ 8:30am
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2017-2018 Student Scholarship Application
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2017-2018 Teacher Grant Application Deadline: 4/28/17
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Gauging the Market @ PHS
Students enrolled in Plum Senior High School’s Finance/Business Law class are getting real world experience in finance by investing money in the stock market. Funds were donated by 1976 graduate, Bob McCann, a Distinguished Alumni and Chief Executive Officer of UBS Americas Division. He invested $50,000 to the Plum Educational Foundation so that students could invest and have an authentic educational experience buying and selling stocks. Each class during the next five years will get a $10,000 installment to invest until the money is exhausted and the fund is self-sustaining. 

During the 2015-2016 school year students decided on investment choices. They began by learning the basics of investing during the first semester of school and then based on individual assignments, they came to a consensus on what stocks were worthy of investment. Mr. David Vitula, instructor of the course states, “Because of the generosity of Mr. McCann, students are able to invest and track stocks using real money and I believe this is unparalleled in a High School setting. Students use trend lines and research to make their decisions on what to buy, and this year what to sell.   This fund is solely student generated with me acting as the facilitator. They do the research, and as a class, they tell me what to buy and sell. I make the phone call and place the trades.”

Last school year students invested $2000 each in Apple, Chevron, Disney, and Adidas. They couldn’t decide between Chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings so it was decided to compromise and invest $1000 in each. Mr. Vitula made the trades on behalf of the students in February and currently the fund has had an 11.6% return on investment. Adidas did the best with a 58% return on investment, while the aforementioned Buffalo Wild Wings and Chipotle lost 6% and 16% respectfully.

“I am looking forward to the second year of this fund and am curious to see what adaptations this year’s students make to last year’s investments and see what new investments they decide to make. This is an invaluable experience for these students.”

A Brief Overview & History
The Plum Borough School District is pleased to announce the reestablishment of the Foundation for Educational Enhancement. Initial funding for the Foundation was received from the DiPaolo family in memory of Dr. Nunzio V. DiPaolo who served as the Superintendent of the Plum Borough School District from 1958 to 1983.

The mission of the Foundation for Educational Enhancement (The Foundation) is to enrich and expand the educational experiences of Plum Borough students beyond what the school district budget can provide. The Foundation will initially support student scholarships, teacher grants and selected capital projects.

The Foundation is a nonprofit, volunteer-based tax-exempt 501c3 organization. Ongoing resourcing for the endowment will be promoted by fundraising efforts through charitable, individual and corporate contributions.

The goals of the Foundation include creating partnerships between school, community and local businesses, providing enrichment opportunities in cultural, educational and recreational endeavors for students, assisting with and promoting capital projects that will directly affect programs of excellence for our students, staff and community, supplement current curriculum and educational initiatives through additional resourcing and inspire citizens, alumni and businesses to participate as a community to enrich the educational experiences for our community’s greatest asset-our children!

For additional information regarding the Foundation, please contact any member of the Board of Trustees, visit the link on the district website at or email The Foundation at [email protected].

 The Plum Borough Foundation for Educational Enhancement
900 Elicker Road
Plum, Pennsylvania 15239
Capital Projects
$10,000 by September 1, 2017
1. STEAM Mobile Maker
2. High School Library Improvements

Carol Rellick Frame
“The quality education offered to me from 1954-1966 provided the foundation for two degrees, a successful career and now a comfortable retirement."

Board of Trustees
Leslie Smith

Margaret Evans
Vice President

Jodi Cook

Mary Lynn Alpino
Libby Clark
Dr. Timothy S. Glasspool
Peggy Jones
Jay Marston
Ron Sakolsky