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Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support Plan

Positive Behavior Support & Bully Prevention
Programs at Center for Positive Behavior Support and Bully Prevention

Be a STAR on Center Stage!
At Center Elementary we want every student to Be a STAR on Center Stage.  Being a STAR on Center Stage means a student demonstrates behavior that is Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Kind.  Each classroom teacher reviews with students what behavior looks like that is respectful, responsible, safe and kind.  A particular focus we will have for the beginning of the 2013 - 2014 school year is on voice level.  A lesson will be taught to kick off the school year and teach our students universal language and practices regarding voice level.  
Voice Level 0 = Voice Off
Voice Level 1 = Whisper Voice
Voice Level 2 = Talking Voice
Teachers will review where we can use these voice levels appropriately and how we can demonstrate respect, responsibility, and kindness with voice level.
Acknowledgement System 
We will also be implementing an acknowledgement system.  Students will be able to earn Tickets to Center Stage by demonstrating behaviors that are respectful, responsible, safe and kind.  The student will be able to keep part of the ticket to share with parents.  The ticket stub will be torn off and placed in a grade level bin.  Weekly, monthly, and year-end drawings will be conducted to recognize students that have earned their Ticket to Center Stage.
Positive Behavior and Bully Prevention - Continuing Education
 At Center Elementary School, the staff takes a pro-active and positive approach to eliminating bullying and promoting positive behavior.  Our guidance counselor presents classroom lessons to every grade level to discuss topics such as: what bullying is and isn't, how to be a good friend, including children who are left out, and how to report bullying.  In addition to classroom lessons conducted by our guidance counselors, each classroom teacher will conduct monthly classroom meetings with his or her class.  These classroom meetings will focus on: skills to use when facing a potential bullying situation, gossip, inappropriate remarks, making a difference, becoming a classroom community, how to work cooperatively in groups.  
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