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School Procedures

Listed below are school procedures to ensure the safety of the students at Center Elementary.

*  If you need to speak to your child's teacher, please email or call the school to leave them a voicemail.  Voicemail extensions and email addresses can be obtained under Staff Directory.

*Should you need to visit the school throughout the day, you can only enter through  the main school entrance and proceed into the office. If you will be entering the school as a visitor for any reason, please bring a valid state-issued driver's license with you.  Your license will need to be scanned through our Raptor system before you can be issued a visitor's badge.  

*Any medical concerns should be addressed through the Health Office with Mrs. Yvonne Krepinevich via phone at Ext. 6381 or email. 
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Attendance Policy
Attendance Policy image The following information outlines the district policy regarding attendance. It is mandatory that all school age children attend school on a regular basis. 
Vacation Guidelines
Vacation Guidelines image
If you are planning a family vacation throughout the school year of 5 or more school days, you must first obtain a vacation permission form from the office.
Volunteer Policy
Volunteer Policy image As of March 26, 2013 Plum Borough School District has adopted a new Volunteer Policy. Please continue reading for additional information.  
New Procedures for Visitors--Raptorware Scanning System
New Procedures for Visitors--Raptorware Scanning System image Beginning on January 22, 2013, we are implementing a visitor management system in all Plum Borough Elementary Schools. This pre-screening system was implemented at Oblock Junior High School and Plum Senior High School in September 2012.