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Holiday Park At A Glance

HP At-A-Glance
2017-2018 At-A-Glance Information:

General Information
-  Work Hard, Dream Big! Daily Mission
 - Positive Behavior Support  Theme: “Caring Honesty Attitude Manners Pride Support - CHAMPS”
- 625  students – Kindergarten - Sixth Grade
- Class size  average is 25 students per room 
- Full-day Kindergarten
- Scores on the PSSA in Math, ELA and Science consistently exceed the state proficiency benchmarks
- Supportive  PTA – provides assemblies, programs and resources
- Breakfast and Lunch program
- Library – open daily
- Fully staffed Health Room
- Four mobile iPad carts and Chromebook Cart
- SmartBoards in every classroom
- Student Government with Classroom Representatives
- Outdoor Classroom
- Active with community events including Ridgewood Senior Citizen Center and others

Staff Information
1 Principal
1 Administrative Assistant
28 Classroom Teachers
3 Learning Support Teachers
1 Literacy Intervention Teacher
1Title I Reading Support Teacher
1 GATE Teacher
1 Guidance Counselor – full-time
1 Nurse – part-time; 1 nurse aide- part-time
1 each – Music, Physical Education, Art, Library, STEM
1 English Language Learning Teacher

Academic Information
Core Curriculum aligned with PA Core Standards
Math Instruction –K-3rd grade – 300 minutes per week; 4th-6th – 300 minutes per week
Literacy Instruction- Kindergarten – 750 minutes/week; 1st-3rd – 700 minutes/week; 4th-6th – 550 minutes/week
Science and Social Studies instruction daily
Library, Physical Education, Music, Art, STEM– K-6th
STEM – (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) – weekly – K-6th 
Differentiated Instruction and flexible grouping implemented
Holiday Park Reading League - Accelerated Reading Program – K-6
Grade level common planning time
Professional Learning Communities meet once per week
RTII –(Response to Instruction and Intervention) Support provided to all students who demonstrate a need

Other School-Based Activities
Chorus – 5th and 6th graders (rehearses before school)
Band – 4th-6th grades
Orchestra – 4th-6th grades
Battle of the Books
Heritage Day
Veterans’ Day Assembly
Red Ribbon Week Activities – includes HS Scholar Athletes
Read Across America Week Activities
STEM based after school and summer activities
Career Day – 5th grade
Art Fair
Health/Fitness Day – school wide activities—held in the spring
Field trips
Service projects – Make-A-Wish; Project Bundle-up; Jump for Heart (AHA); Walk for JDRF
Trout in the Classroom
Hydroponics Station
Z-Space 3-D Learning Machine

Student Support Information
Pull- out and Push-in Learning Support Services and Gifted Support Services
Pull-out and Push-in Speech and Language Support Services,  Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy  (contracted through AIU)
LLI and Fundations corrective reading programs for at-risk students
Academic Support through Intervention
Student Assistant Progam (SAP)
 Junior Achievement Program (JAP) of Western Pennsylvania
Title I Reading Services
Thirty minutes of TIER Time each day – targeted interventions for struggling learners
Guidance Services - daily

Student Assessment Information
Classroom based quizzes, chapter tests, unit tests, portfolio assessments, authentic assessments, presentations,
STAR Reading tests – administered 2 times per year – Kindergarten and 1st grades
STAR Reading tests – administered 3 times per year 2nd-6th grades
STAR Math tests – administered 3 times per year 1st-6th grades
Screening for Learning Support or Gifted Support as needed
PSSAs administered 3rd-6th in Spring
TerraNova administered to 2nd  grade
PVAAS used to analyze data and inform instruction—including identifying growth within learners
EdInsight used to analyze data and inform instruction

Community Service Activities/Projects
Make-A-Wish Jog-A-Thon
Make-a-Wish fundraising activities throughout the year
The Giving Tree – provides Holiday gifts to children in need
NFL Play 60 Exercise Initiative
Jump Rope for Heart – fundraiser for American Heart Association
Veterans Day Recognition
BoxTops Collections
Brother’s Brother Foundation for Hurricane Relief